m young

Morgan Young is a friendly giant who was supposed to be a New Yorker, but was born into the wrong state. Former wearer of prescription-less glasses who now embraces 20/20 vision. Obsessed with figuring out what to do with printed pictures, and meticulously choosing music that is dead wrong for every situation. Possibly has OCD and gets straight A's.


Annie Kimmelman is a gluten-free-on-ocasion-vegan-who-eats-meat. UPS knows her by first name because she gets a package of clothing every day of the week with the exception of holidays. She loves film, has an attune eye and knows her way around a camera. The modern Houdini, she can get into or out of anything, and wants to tell the spin teachers at Soul Cycle New York to get lost.


How They Know Each Other:

They are both on the quest for answers, and would like to know how Taylor Hicks won season five of American Idol.